Transform the appearance of your blogger post or page through simple layout adjustments. This quick guide demonstrates how to shift your blog's sidebar to the left, right, or even hide it, all with the help of our shortcodes.

Excited to give your blog post or page a stylish makeover?

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Steps to Change Layout Style in Blogger

Let's customize a post's layout. You can use these shortcodes in pages as well.

  1. Log in to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Posts
  3. Access the post editor for the content you want to modify.
  4. Ensure you're in Compose view mode within the editor for easier content creation.
  5. Insert one of the following shortcodes in your content: [leftsidebar], [rightsidebar], [nosidebar]
  6. Apply the Bold styling to the shortcode.
  7. Publish or update your post.

Change Sidebar Position in Blogger

🎉 Congratulations! You have successfully changed your blog post's layout style.

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