If you're into crafting technical or programming posts, you've probably run into the need for a sleek code block to share those code snippets. Well, here's the super easy way to showcase your code in a beautiful code block, thanks to our handy shortcode.

Steps to Add Codebox in Blogger

Let's add a code block in a blogger post. You can also use it in your pages.

  1. Log in to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Posts
  3. Access the post editor for the desired content where you want to show the codebox.
  4. Ensure you're in Compose view mode within the editor for easier content creation.
  5. Compose your code within the editor.
  6. Wrap your code with [codeblock] and [/codeblock]
  7. Highlight your entire code, including the shortcode and apply the Quote text style.
  8. Publish or update your post.

Add Code Block in Blogger

🎉 Congratulations! You have successfully added a code block to your blogger post.

This feature enhances the readability and aesthetics of your code snippets, providing a better experience for your readers who engage with technical content on your blog.

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