Make your Blogger post or page look better and work better by adding buttons. It's easy – just follow these steps to put buttons in your Blogger stuff!

Steps to Add Buttons in Blogger

Let's add buttons in a blogger post. You can also add buttons to your pages as well.

Supported Icons:

  1. Log in to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Posts
  3. Access the post editor for the desired content where you want to add buttons.
  4. Ensure you're in Compose view mode within the editor for easier content creation.
  5. Locate the Insert Link option within the editor toolbar and click on it.
  6. Customize the following shortcode as necessary and paste it into the Display Text field within the displayed dialogue box:
    [getButton text="Download" icon="download" color="#2980b9"]
  7. Paste your desired link into the Paste Link field.
  8. Click on Apply to confirm the link and shortcode settings.
  9. Publish or update your post.

Add Buttons in Blogger

🎉 Congratulations! You have successfully added a button to your blogger post.

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